August 15, 2017 — When you purchase trade show display materials, you can often see great returns on your investment by making the best possible use of them after the show or exhibition is over.  Repurposing trade show supplies is a great way to extend their life, increase your ROI, and improve other aspects of your business.

This is true for both indoor display materials, as well as those intended for outdoor use.  The more creative you can be in reusing or repurposing them, the better it is for your budget and your overall presentation!

Making Better Use of Your Trade Show Display Materials

  1. Pop-Up Displays and Background Set Pieces

Pop-up displays, tension fabric displays, and similar pieces are among the hardest trade show materials to repurpose, and a lot of the time they do just end up going into storage.  However, they can still have uses!  If you have empty space in your lobby, or even a disused corner of your offices, they can be good for filling space while presenting positive messaging.

Or, try using them as backdrops for major in-office presentations such as shareholder meetings.  If you’re investing in videoconferencing equipment, you might even think about turning them into a permanent backdrop in your main conference room.  It would look seriously impressive whenever the cameras are on.

  1. Banner Stands

Banner stands really can go anywhere.  Since they’re much smaller than full-sized display pieces, they can easily fit into corners or other tight spaces that could use a bit of livening up.  It would be a rare lobby or presentation room which couldn’t use some banner stands around adding to the overall effect.  Better-made banner stands, such as those with sturdy vinyl-printed graphics, could even be used outdoors on sunny days.

In particular, if you have a banner stand with video built-in, make use of it!  There are few better items you could place in your lobby or otherwise near the front door to get people interested in your company once they walk in.

  1. Flags

Flags are another major trade show decorative item which can be used all over the place.  Indoors, outdoors, even as advertisements on other rented spaces.  There’s rarely any reason to put flags into storage.  If you have enough of them, they could be put to good use flanking important doorways like conference rooms.

Just remember to use sturdy cross stands, and have good weighting attached – like water bags – so they won’t get picked up by the wind.  Or anyone else.

  1. Table Throws

Table throws are also excellent investments overall because of their versatility.  Whenever you need to take a table and make it look like a branded piece of promotional equipment, a table throw is a cheap and easy conversion.  They could even be used in more formal occasions, such as dinners\banquets for VIPs, quickly making a plain table look far more special and important.

Or, in some cases, they could also be turned into wall hangings – particularly if they have nice graphics on them.  Just be careful how you hang them up, so they don’t get rips or holes that could prevent them from being used on tables in the future.

  1. Tents

Branded tents probably won’t be part of any permanent setup, but it’s still a good idea to keep them handy rather than burying them in deep storage.  Any time you’re holding an outdoor event, even if it’s just a private BBQ for your staff, the tents can go up and help make it feel like a more corporate occasion.

Another good use is if you’re having a large number of visitors to your building in a single day, or bringing in a lot of workers at once.  A tent makes a good designated area that everyone should congregate in.

  1. Modular Displays

Finally, don’t forget that some display types are modular, such as truss displays or Fabframes.  These types of display are designed to be easily fit together in a wide variety of combinations, kind of like large-scale children’s building toys.  If you’ve invested in a lot of these pieces, the only limit to how you might reassemble them is your own imagination.  You might not even use them as displays.  They could, just as one example, get turned into lighted archways or other purely ornamental pieces.

Get creative!

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