Do I need a large budget for a high-quality trade show display?

Absolutely not – what allows your trade show booth to have a big impact is most often graphic design. That is why we print on only the highest-quality graphic material – this ensures rich, saturated prints on material that wont scratch, wrinkle or damage with use. Contact one of our display solution experts today for more details on budget-friendly display options!


Can I use my trade show display outside of the trade show floor?

Absolutely – we encourage it! Many of our trade show displays are versatile in use – banner stands look great in the office reception or showroom space, counters can be used for product demos in any space, and even some back walls can be used as a display feature in your office.


Can I rent a trade show display?

Absolutely – Best Displays & Graphics offers a wide range of rental products, from furniture to carpeting to backwalls and trussing. Contact a display solution expert for more information on rental options.


How do I assemble my trade show booth?

One of the features of our products is that they are all very easy to assemble, and come with complete assembly instructions – even our custom displays! We also offer in-house installation demonstrations so that customers can work with one of our display experts to understand how to properly assemble and disassemble their display. Many companies however, especially companies with large displays, prefer to utilize our expert display installation team. The benefits of using our installation team are endless, and our services are also more cost effective than using show labourers for the installation.


What is the standard trade show booth size?

The standard booth size at most trade show is 10’w x 10’d in line, with a height limit of around 96”h. “Inline” refers to a row of 10’ x 10’ booths. These 10’ booth spaces are often combined to create a 20’, 30’ and larger configurations. We design our standard trade show products to fit the standard size limit, and can customize trade show displays to fit any size space.


Does Best Displays arrange international shipping of my trade show booth?

Best Displays and our logistics partners can assist with most shipping requirements in North America and internationally, including customs paperwork. Shipping internationally often requires more time to coordinate, so make sure to contact one of our display solution experts well in advance of your deadline!


Does Best Displays offer any product warranties?

Best Displays sets itself apart from competitors by offering lifetime warranties on most of our hardware. With all repairs done in-house at our Markham, ON location, and all of our suppliers located within a 20km radius of our location, this allows us to offer high-quality products with lifetime warranties.


Can I integrate technology such as TV monitors, laptops, or tablets into my trade show display?

We offer a variety of solutions for integrating technology into your trade show display. Whether purchasing a new display or modifying an existing display, we have a variety of products and solutions that allow you to seamlessly integrate technology into backwalls, counters and stands within your trade show booth.


Do we have to supply our own graphic design work or can you help with that aspect?

Another feature that sets Best Displays & Graphics apart from competitors is that we offer complete turn-key services, with in-house graphic design being one of those services. We have a full time graphic designer who has ample experience designing a wide variety of trade show and event displays. He not only does the graphic design work, but also produces custom booth renderings. For more info check out our in-depth blog post featuring our graphic designer Robin and his creative process at //


For more information on products, services and general trade show tips, subscribe to our blog at or contact one of our display solution experts today at


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