Pivoting your Business during Challenging Times

“As ever, the accountant in me saw the risk, the entrepreneur saw the possibility. So, I split the difference and kept moving forward.”- Phil Knight, Chairman Emeritus of Nike  The onset of COVID-19 meant great turmoil for many businesses around the globe. We’ve experienced three months of tremendous uncertainty and business disruption, with no end in sight. Though a global pandemic may be new (and frightening), as a business owner who has survived (and thrived)
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Prollenium Medical Technologies - display 1

A Spotlight On: Prollenium Medical Technologies at CAAM 2017

Thursday, January 4th – We’ve got plenty of regular customers here at Best Displays & Graphics, and we’re always happy to see a familiar face walk through the door.  One such regular we love working with is Prollenium Medical Technologies.  We’ve done a lot of work with them over the years, and their booths always have a great combination of style and challenge. That’s exactly what we got when their representative told us about their

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A Spotlight on Peikko Canada’s Portable Booth

Thursday, December 7th – One of the things we pride ourselves at Best Displays & Graphics is our ability to adjust to the budget and needs of every client who comes through our doors.  Big or small, we always strive to make the best possible trade show displays every time! Sometimes that means helping a client put together a display designed to be put into virtually any space imaginable.  That’s exactly what happened when Peikko

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A Focus On: Wenglor at the 2017 Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS)

November 2, 2017 — Here at Best Displays & Graphics, we love seeing familiar faces walk into our offices, so we were more than thrilled when we saw representatives from the Canadian branch of Wenglor GmbH show up.  We’d worked with them a couple years ago, making a booth and set of display items for an appearance they were making at the 2015 Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS).   Sure enough, they were making plans to

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A Focus on The Genesys Booth

Tuesday, October 3rd – Sometimes a client comes to us without plans for a specific upcoming event, but because they want a collection of trade show pieces and display items which they’d be able to reuse and repurpose for years to come.  That was exactly what happened when we were approached by Genesys, the world’s leader in customer service and contact center solutions. One of the great things about our work here at Best Displays

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