Tuesday, October 3rd – Sometimes a client comes to us without plans for a specific upcoming event, but because they want a collection of trade show pieces and display items which they’d be able to reuse and repurpose for years to come.  That was exactly what happened when we were approached by Genesys, the world’s leader in customer service and contact center solutions.

One of the great things about our work here at Best Displays and Graphics is the range of clients we get to work with.  Sometimes we’re helping small upstarts make their first big debut, other times we’re working with global organizations.  No matter who’s contacted us, or how large/small they are, we endeavor to do our utmost for every client while delivering our best products and services.

It was no different working with Genesys, and as they plan to come back and work with Best Displays on future projects, we can continue to evolve the booth with an option of a new set of display pieces.

A Look at the Trade Show Pieces for Genesys 

Genesys Booth DisplayDue to their unique business and range of markets, Genesys needed to be able to display at a wide range of different trade shows and events.  In theory, they could market themselves to virtually any type of business, and they also make frequent appearances at job fairs and similar employment-related events.  So their trade show materials need to be carefully constructed to have wide appeal and repurpose ability, while also being as easy as possible to move around.

That’s exactly the sort of job we like to undertake!  And it’s a large part of why Genesys selected us.  As they said in our post-job customer survey:

We felt you had the flexibility and level of customization we needed to bring our design ideas to life…. We chose BD because you were able to bring our concepts to life in a way that was superior to other vendors. Your system is flexible and allows us to build it and take it down quickly. 

That flexibility is exactly what we focused on.  So, the majority of the major pieces we produced for them were constructed from FabFrame parts with tension graphics.  FabFrame pop-up displays are designed to be modular, lightweight, and exceptionally easy to set up and tear down.  No real expertise is needed to put FabFrame kits together.  Anyone can do it, so it’s a perfect choice for customers who want to be able to take their display pieces on the road.

In this case, we made a few pieces, focusing on different aspects of their company.  Some are outreach for potential clients, others advertise their hiring side.  They can mix-and-match both parts and graphics to put together great solutions for each individual event they’re attending.

They also had another specific need:

We wanted to incorporate a monitor seamlessly within the display to help us create customized video presentations that would be visible on the display and create custom presentations for the specific event we are sponsoring and are present at.

Creating mixed-media displays is one of our specialties!   Since we keep a wide range of products and components in stock, we were able to custom-build a popup display that included space inside for a flat screen display.  The hookups were kept minimal, and led out the back to prevent them from being seen by most passers-by.  It’s a simple and lightweight solution for adding video to a popup, while giving the client plenty of options in what they display on the screen.  Again, this was an important feature for Genesys, since they might be running a variety of different promotional materials depending on the event.

Then to round things off, we also provided a variety of custom-printed branded items such as a table throw.  Since we also have full printing services in-house, it’s easy for us to take provided logos and create a wide range of additional accessories for creating tabletop displays.

Another Job Well Done

All in all, we were thrilled with how things turned out – and so was Genesys.  As they said:

It was great working with Laurie and the customer service was great. You were always there to help us and were open to any ideas we had to make the best possible display. 

If your organization is looking to appear at one or more trade shows in the future, we can do the same for you!  Contact Best Displays and Graphics for top-quality trade show display materials, great customized pieces, and superior customer service.