November 9th – There are plenty of different options to consider in selecting materials and hardware to build your trade show booth/display.  While there are no right or wrong choices, there are some choices that are more versatile and will make your life easier.

Fabric and vinyl pop-up displays are great examples of this.  They’re among the most popular types of trade show hardware for plenty of good reasons.  If you haven’t invested in a few pop-up displays yet, you might be surprised at how quickly they will pay for themselves!

Seven Reasons Everyone Loves Vinyl and Fabric Pop-Up Displays


  1. Cost Effectiveness


One of the best things about vinyl\fabric pop-ups is that they’re quite cost-effective!  The materials used to make them are extremely common, and therefore cheap, while still being strong enough to stand up to repeated use – at least if they’re properly stored and maintained between shows.  The cost vs ROI for pop-ups is extremely good, which is one of the big reasons nearly everyone invests in them.


  1. Easy Setup


Most pop-up display kits are extremely easy to assemble.  Some even use tool-less connectors that basically snap together, or come in kits that can be combined for freeform display construction.  On top of that, they use lightweight materials which are quite easy to work with.  Generally, even a large pop-up display will only need two people -at most- to set up on the trade show floor.


  1. Low transportation and storage costs


Adding to their cost effectiveness is how easy pop-ups are to move and store.  A typical pop-up can be collapsed into a collection of parts and fabric/vinyl graphics that can fit in a single duffel bag or wheeled carry case!  Unlike large fixed pieces, which can take up a lot of space to store and transport, pop-up displays are truly a go-anywhere solution that is always easy to work with.


  1. Loads of options in size/shape/etc.


Regardless of your trade show display design, there’s probably a pop-up solution that will support it.  Pop-up displays come in all shapes and sizes:  Curved, convex, concave, tall, short, whatever you want is possible with a pop-up display.  Alternatively, make your simple booth more visually dynamic by adding one or two pop-ups in interesting shapes.


  1. Support for extra equipment


Do you want a backlit pop-up display?  Colored LEDs?  Even a built-in flat-screen monitor?  All that -and more- is possible.  Pop-up displays don’t have to be purely static pieces of cloth and metal.  They can be extremely dynamic eye-catchers that add substantially to the overall tone and appeal of your booth.


  1. Great custom graphics


Modern digital printing services make it simple to create a wide range of eye-popping graphics to hang on your pop-up display.  Whether you’re working with vinyl or fabric, the graphics can be entirely customized and printed in inks that are easily seen in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.  High PPI printing further ensures they’ll look great at any distance.


  1. Replaceable graphics


On top of how nice the custom graphics can look, you can also get as many different sets of graphics as you need to meet your trade show goals.  It’s quick and easy to take an assembled frame and swap out one set of graphics for another.  You could do it mid-show or repurpose the frame in between shows to use for advertising back at home.


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