April 14, 2014

The banner stand is now a common sight across trade show venues around Canada and the United States. Thousands are purchased each year to be utilized as a promotional tool to highlight an organization and bring light to its products. By there are many distinct retractable banner stand products to select from. And so buyers must be aware of the various makes and models in the marketplace. Within this blog, we’ll focus on the retractable Billy banner stand and two reasons why so many companies are now integrating the product within their campaigns.

1)      Affordability

The Billy Banner Stand is exceptionally affordable and one of the most cost-effective banners stand products on the marketplace. In this era where many growing businesses are tightening their budgets and streamlining processes, the value provided by the Billy banner stand could help provide additional resources for other areas of company growth in the future.

2)      Portability

The Billy banner stand is built to be exceptionally durable. This means that organizations can build their entire campaigns around the product, as they move from venue to venue to highlight their brand. The inherent small size of the system and its durable construction means that transportation costs are limited and the product will retain its aesthetics in the long term.

By harnessing standout products such as the Billy banner stand, companies can reduce their expenditures and improve the effectiveness of countrywide marketing efforts. To learn more, contact the Best Displays team directly and speak with a specialist on the Billy banner stand and its benefits.