August 14, 2014

Given that most organizations are now looking at ways to reduce their marketing expenditure while retaining return on investment, it’s important for firms to consider tools that represent real dollar-for-dollar value within their campaigns. Of course, there are a range of trade show displays available for companies to consider, but one of the leading choices continues to be retractable Billy banner stands. The Billy banner stand leads the field for a number of reasons, but the financial element is crucial. Companies must consider these economic factors when selecting their next choice of display system:

Reduced Need for Storage Space

A prominent consideration for many businesses beginning their marketing campaigns is storage space for when their displays are not in use. Larger systems might cost hundreds of dollars per month to store securely, but retractable Billy banner stands can be rolled up quickly and easily and stored at a company office until it’s required for the next event.

Durability Means Limited Future Design Touch-Ups

The structural durability of the retractable Billy banner stand product means that companies can depend upon their system to offer quality aesthetics over the long-term. At event after event, the retractable Billy banner stand will remain at its peak aesthetic best with limited maintenance costs. It’s the reason the product is considered ideal for companies just making their entrance into the event marketing field.

Growing North American businesses require low cost marketing solutions that they can depend upon to show their business in the best possible light to potential clientele at business events. Securing access to the retractable Billy banner stand offers a great start to any company promotional initiative.