Social Media is the meeting place for the modern generation of consumers, business owners, and members of the general public. So, it’s important to consider working with social media when you’re promoting your upcoming trade show event. Our team at Best Displays & Graphics has decades of experience in the trade show display field and within this latest post, we present a few tips for booth display social media for promoting your upcoming event.

trade show display

Formulate a show-specific hashtag

On Twitter, conversations flow through hashtags. Linking your promotional content with #tradeshow can help to connect those that might not ordinarily be following your brand online. Consider using distinct hashtags that correlate specifically with your brand and the event.

Promote the event activities

Are you hosting a guest speaker at the event, or using a competition to draw attention to your brand? Promote your booth’s activities at the event via social media to draw interest. Make sure you link your brand with an interesting event activity and try to connect with local media via social media to disseminate your message. The more retweets and shares you receive, the more audience members you will see at your event.

Get the team involved

Provide your staff with access to the brand’s social media accounts to engage consumers and event attendees. Staff are on ground zero for the brand and can often create the human-interest stories that many audiences find highly compelling. When drawing up your social media strategy for the event, make sure that staff has strict guidelines to follow regarding when to post and how to align their posted content with marketing objectives.

Show off the booth

Take the time to show off your trade show display and the hard work that’s gone into putting it together. You might wish to share a video of the display in operation or to simply post a series of pictures to your social media accounts for a greater connection with event audiences.

Live stream

Another great way to connect with new event audiences via social media is live streaming. During the event, you can stream activities taking place at your trade show booth to live audiences around the world, keeping your brand in touch with its wider audience and helping provide the foundation to post-show promotional opportunities.