Over the years, we’ve been honored to work with many local businesses to help promote brands and engage event audiences. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with one of our Regional governments. Our team and expertise were called upon to design and create a trade show booth for York Region.

In this latest case study, we’ll outline the project, and the challenges we faced, and highlight the amazing work we completed for York Region.

Designing the Ideal Trade Show Booth for York Region

The team at York Region required a trade show booth for the York Region Technology Experience Pavilion, to be used at the Collision Conference 2019 event in May. The Collision event was the major undertaking of 2019 for York Region’s Economic Strategy Unit. As such, it was a high and very visible priority for the Region. The event presented a tremendous opportunity for stakeholders to appeal to a worldwide audience of 30,000.

The prestige of the event and the focus of the Region meant the pavilion at the Collision conference had to be a success.

The Region issued an RFQ and Best Displays & Graphics won the bid based on our ability to meet the specifications for the pavilion design and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • The Services

York Region chose to utilize many of the customs services offered by our team. We provided a turnkey solution to their event requirements, including full design and production work. Beyond our booth and design services, we also supported the York Region team at the actual event. We provided installation, event support, and post-event dismantling services to help ensure that each phase of the event was a complete success.

Another key element of our services was our consulting work. We communicated with the York Region event team for several months and honed our design based on continuous feedback from their stakeholders. This communication and work were vital to creating a successful and functional end product.

  • The Building Process

To meet the needs of the York Region team, we built a 10m x 10m booth designed using our FabFrame system with fabric graphics. The booth had custom kiosks integrated to accommodate each of the partners and municipalities within the booth. The booth-building process took our two team members two weeks to complete.

  • The Benefits of Our FabFrame Booth

We decided on this style of the booth because it allowed us to create the ideal space for each of the different companies using the York Region Technology Pavilion. We used the highly flexible FabFrame structure so that each company could have prominent logos as well as clear, unobstructed access to monitors and an Internet connection.

The booth design was optimized for efficient use of space and for providing all partners and municipalities with the resources they required. We also added compelling 3D logos to the finished design to help capture attention at the event.

  • The Key Challenges

One of the key challenges we faced in the design process was integrating an area that allowed traffic to flow through the booth while providing storage for booth users. The T3 FabFrame unit was ideal for this style of design work and allowed us to meet the client’s needs with precision.

Since the pavilion featured 11 companies, three innovation partners (two of which were promoting two additional connected companies), and three municipalities, we faced the complex task of meeting unique objectives from various stakeholders. Our experience in branding and in booth design allowed us to hone our vision for the booth to accommodate these highly challenging requirements.  

  • The Final Product & Client Approval

“Best Displays truly went above and beyond in the production and management of the York Region Technology Pavilion. The collision was an outstanding success for us and our partners, and Laurie’s service and attention to detail were of the highest order, as were that of Robin and Shawn during the Conference.

Our design, flow-through, and impact not only made for great pictures and video but also served to achieve all of our major objectives, including very high traffic and facilitation of a major announcement by the Mayor of the City of Markham. We were truly delighted with the Best Displays partnership and could not recommend them highly enough.”

Best Displays & Graphics Continues to Deliver Event Excellence

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