October 29, 2013

As a growing company begins its entrance into the promotional marketplace, its owners must decide on the type of products to utilize as part of the firm’s campaign. Oftentimes, pop-up displays are chosen for their versatility and their cost-effectiveness. But as firms become larger, they might move on to other forms of display. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight two ways in which Toronto companies can continue to utilize their pop-up displays as they grow into larger, more profitable organizations.

1) Utilize Displays in Retail Locations

Pop-up displays are not only the perfect solution for those high visibility trade show events. They also offer lasting advantages within a retail setting. Toronto companies might use their pop-up displays in locations by checkouts or sales areas to promote special products and drive interest in new campaigns. The portability of the displays means they’re easy to move from one store location to another!

2) In-House Meetings

Companies can often utilize pop-up displays in sales meetings where managers are outlining campaign objectives with sales teams and marketing specialists. Such meetings form the foundation to produce campaigns and the use of pop-up displays can ensure that all attendees understand their roles with precision.

Don’t simply put pop-up displays back in a storage room when a new solution is bought. Ensure your firm capitalizes on the inherent flexibility of this cost-effective marketing product, and the display will continue to help the company reap a return for its investment in the long term.