Banner stands can be found at most trade show events across the country. Companies utilize these solutions as part of their trade show promotional campaigns because they offer a portable, cost effective alternative to other modern trade architecture. But banner stand products are also exceptionally flexible and can be used for a range of promotional activities. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two unique applications for your next banner stand purchase.

1)      Standalone Use at an Event Entrance

Because of their small size and portability, banner stands are ideal for use at the entrance to industry events. They can help provide a welcome aesthetic appeal to ensure that guests see company branding immediately upon arrival. This can often have the effect of highlighting the company’s strengths before they begin speaking with event representatives, therefore providing the ideal foundation for lead generation activities later on.

2)      Announcing New Products

Organizations releasing new solutions at their trade show events can capitalize on their banner stand by utilizing these displays to showcase the advantages of their new products. This type of display is ideal for modern organizations at industry events because it means that they can utilize the rest of their display area to focus on the company as a whole and then direct customers to the banner stand when they ask about questions specific to that product. It’s a standout area that will highlight new products perfectly.

Cost effective and portable, adding banner stands to your company’s tradeshow architecture is a great way to achieve superb returns on your tradeshow investment.