Exhibitors hosting trade show booths at events across the country must utilize design elements to their advantage if they are to enhance the reputation of their company’s brand. Booth designs are the central element to the impression that an audience will receive of a company during a trade show event and therefore these designs must be as professional as they are well thought out. With that in mind, in this post we’ll focus on how exhibitors can use two unique elements to create strong, lasting impressions with their booth designs.

1)      Use Lights and Lighting Equipment

Using lighting equipment as part of booth design can evoke unique patterns and help the company’s brand to stand out among the other exhibitors at the event. One of the leading products in this regard is the tradeshow spotlight, which can helpful in drawing exhibitors to a booth and driving focus towards particular elements that might be part of a particular seasonal promotion for the organization.

2)      Use Expressive Colour

Tradeshow attendees will be searching for a booth that grabs their attention and holds it. While many established companies will have a brand style that must be kept at industry events, newer organizations can grab attention by using bright, expressive colours to divert the audience’s gaze to their booth. Colours should always be tasteful and in-keeping with the company brand, but exhibitors should never be afraid to add bright colourful designs to their booths. The effect could drive long-term sales for the company.

Understanding modern design principles is the key to gaining success with a tradeshow design creation. Contact local area tradeshow design experts to create graphics that match your company’s brand style.