November 11, 2013

Companies are under ever-greater pressure to secure strong results from their event marketing campaigns. This pressure means that marketers must consider new and innovative avenues to secure that crucial level of revenue growth from their trade show campaigns. Psychology is instrumental to campaign performance. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight two ways in which companies can incorporate psychology-based techniques into their trade show display design.

1)      Utilize Reciprocity and Give Event Freebies

Humans are a social animal. We always want to give back to those in our society who have given something to us. Companies can utilize this inherent value to their advantage by designing campaigns around the idea of reciprocity. Giving event-goers a simple product such as a calendar or a memory stick will ensure that those event-goers feel obliged to respond to the organization’s generosity. While some might simply forget about the charity of the company, it’s an act that will inspire others to be loyal to the brand going forward.

2)      Utilize Authority Figures

We inherently trust those in positions of authority. Whether it’s a police officer or political figure, those who have the authority to make a decision for us are usually widely respected by the larger community. Companies should capitalize on this trait by quoting authority figures within their display design. Firms should try to get a quote on their product from a noted specialist in the industry. Then use a condensed version of that quote within their event marketing displays. It’s how companies can build long-standing brand credibility through the words of one person.

Utilizing psychology within event marketing takes skill and precision. But those who deftly utilize these techniques can position their brand for continual rewards as the company grows in the field.