At modern trade show events, companies are often competing with hundreds of other organization within their industry to capture the attention of onlookers. With that in mind, it’s important to know how to drive attendance at your trade show displays so that your company’s investment doesn’t go to waste. Here are two tips used by the professionals to make great use of trade show attendance:

1)      Engage in Pre-Event Marketing

There’s nothing more important than informing current and prospective cliental that your organization will be attending an upcoming industry event. This marketing can take the form of email blasts, newsletters or even older method such as cold calling, any tool that ensures that your displays look to outsiders to be the hit of the show can be used.  In addition to making the initial effort to touch base with contacts, ensure that the organization has a mechanism in place for recording expected attendance.  This will also allow your company’s trade show representatives to  prepare for the attendance of high-value clients and ensure that trade show displays are replete with first-class promotional tools.

2)      Providing Informative Content

While first-class visuals are imperative in attracting attention to your company’s trade show displays, in order to keep visitors interested you must provide them with an incentive to speak with your representatives. Whether it’s a new product that your company has just released or information on the changes within the company’s marketplace, ensure that representatives have at hand effective content for engaging with the trade show audience.

Getting a high ROI for your trade show attendance will position your organization for success in 2012, drive future growth today by following the preceding tips.