March 4, 2013

Banner stands are exceptionally popular items for companies promoting their products and services at trade show events across North America. These cost-effective, flexible systems continue to evolve as the technology behind trade show displays is refined. In order to truly capitalize on the inherent advantages that banner stands bring to promotional campaigns, however, companies must ensure that their displays are designed optimally. So within this post, we’ll focus on two tips doe designing more effective banner stands.

1)      Important Images and Text Must Be Prominent

Companies often hide taglines and other pertinent promotional information at the bottom of their displays. This diminishes the effect of the display and diverts the audience’s attention away from the organization and their product or service. All important branding information such as product names and tagline text should be placed at eye-level. This will allow the audience to focus and read the information quickly while they make their way around the trade show venue.

2)      Graphics must be Professionally Created

It’s important to be unique in created graphics for banner stands. But display items must still be professionally designed by industry experts with years of experience. While the cost might be higher for such services over in-house options, the final result will ensure a higher ROI for future events to come.  Effective branding speaks to potential clients and therefore the epitome of professionalism is vital.

While smaller and understated compared to other styles of display architecture, banner stands are highly effective in delivering promotional messages. Use them effectively by reviewing the preceding tips and optimizing materials for desired audience response.