March 18, 2014

Banner stands act to introduce prospects to a company brand. They can help firms communicate their message and highlight the success of the organization within the industry to-date. But few firms have the in-house skills and design qualifications to complete the work alone. Our in-house design team has been creating effective trade show displays for many years. And in this blog they highlight two tips for designing effective banner stands.

1)      Keep Important Information at Front and Center

Details such as contact information and company success stats should be prominently placed on banner stands. Companies will experience limited results when information is out of the sight of most audience members. This means they must ensure that branding details are located according to the viewpoints of those passing by their displays. Company representatives should visit the trade show arena before event day to gauge which areas of their banner stands will be visible, and then use this information in the design planning for the display.

2)      Highlight Company Results with Design

The display design companies adopt for their banner stands should highlight their ability within their marketplace. This means that organizations should work with their chosen design company to incorporate any awards they’ve received or any recent landmark achievements that show the company’s success. Integrating tangible achievements within a banner stand design is a great way to make a quick impact in the trade show arena where few have time to analyze and review displays.

Design aesthetics are crucial to success in the trade show environment. Make sure your company is working with a trusted design specialist and integrate the previously outlined tips to ensure event engagement.