When building displays for a trade show event, companies must consider the audience. Is it an audience of industry insiders or potential customers? By answering this question, businesses can gain an understanding as to how to create an effective custom trade show display for that event. Within this blog, we’ll look at the differences between creating trade show displays for industry insiders and those outside the industry looking to purchase services and products.

1)      Creating Custom Displays for Industry Insiders

Professionalism is the operative word when creating custom displays for industry insider events. Each attendee is a potential partner and only by utilizing professional graphics and architecture can companies make a lasting impression. It’s especially important to focus on benefits of the company’s products within the display. Industry insiders have seen all marketing tricks before and simply want to know how working with that business can help their company move forward. Speaking with partners across the field before the event begins can help booth hosts get an idea as to the requirements involved.

2)      Building Custom Displays for Potential Customers

Creative displays can inspire action on behalf of potential customers. Oftentimes businesses take a cookie-cutter approach to trade show display marketing and so those that thing outside the box can capitalize by utilizing an innovative approach. Companies should consider employing interactive displays and must make sure that company contact information such as their website and phone number is featured prominently.

Professional marketing begins with understanding an audience. And trade show marketing is no different. Contact local area professionals in your area to begin customizing a display that will capture the attention of your event audience and help your company achieve a superb ROI for their infrastructure investment.