December 10th, 2014

The modular nature of truss displays makes the product a highly valued item within the trade show marketplace. Companies across Toronto now invest in truss displays when they require immediate and lasting attention from audiences at trade show events. But when integrating and using truss displays as part of a trade show appearance, it’s important that the process is planned expertly. And so within this blog, we’ll look at what to expect when using truss displays.

CGI 0821. Take Extra Time for Installation

The installation process for truss displays can require a little more time than traditional display systems. That’s because truss display systems can come with many additions, and can be as simple or complex as the company requires. Therefore, company leaders should allocate a large space of time before the event begins to ensure the truss display is optimized expertly.

2. Additional Branding Opportunities can arise at a Moment’s Notice

Feb 19 2014 Download 098When working with truss displays at their trade show events, business owners often discover branding opportunities as the event is in progress. This means that companies should bring as much branding material within them as possible to the event in order to capitalize on the flexibility of their truss systems.

An investment in truss displays is a great way for Toronto companies to make a lasting impact with their tradeshow branding. But it’s important to prepare expertly for the promotional process. Review insights within this article and contact the team at Best Displays today to learn more about the use of truss displays at business events.