It might seem like you did everything right. You have the ideal product and you’ve gone about your promotional campaigns in the right way while developing great leads for your business. But even though you’ve had success outside of promotional events, it’s inside the event that counts. And many decision makers simply don’t understand how to create the ideal display design for their company’s unique promotional needs. Let’s look at two leading mistakes that companies make with their display design:

1) Not Event-Focused Enough

When marketing products and service at specific events, it’s important to have trade show architecture that is developed to meet the needs of the attendees at that specific event. When it comes to trade shows, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely successful, as customers require specific materials that connect directly with them.  Each show has its own internal characteristics which are determined by the time of year, the audience and the total attendance. Understanding the nuances of each of these factors will help you to achieve better success with your trade show display design.

2) Placing Branding on Difficult-Read-Backgrounds

For displays to look professional they must also be clean and clear and easy to understand. Sometimes, those that are new to the trade show field tend to get carried away with their design architecture by placing their product information on complex backgrounds. This type of design tends to distract audience from focusing on the product, therefore it should be avoided where possible.

Keeping trade show display design solutions simple and focused will ensure great results at your company’s next event! Contact the team at Best Displays today to learn more about high value design aesthetics.