October 14, 2014

The display is the critical component of any trade show campaign. It will speak to event audiences in a way that company representatives simply cannot. And therefore, it’s imperative that each element of the display booth chosen by Toronto companies for their future events is optimized for the ideal result. Here, we’ll take a closer look at two important questions managers must review when it comes to trade show display booth design.

1. Who is The Company’s Target Audience?

There’s little point creating a trade show display without understanding the objectives of the audience. Are they marketing staff at b2b companies looking for improved lead generation tools? Or are they executives at local IT firms who are buying new software? Understanding the thoughts and motivations of audience members will ensure the right design format. Companies that fail in understanding their target audience will find that others at the event capture the interest of their targets.

2. What Does Our Company Do Better than Everyone Else?

Every brand needs a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and this USP must be front and centre of any display booth created for the Toronto company. The trade show audience expects firms to distinguish themselves and by using the elements that make the company unique within their design, brands can quickly set a high standard for their firm. Find out what makes the company unique in its industry and capitalize on these unique benefits within the display design.

Effective event performance relies upon compelling trade show display design. Companies must understand their audiences and take a closer look at their brand before beginning the design process. To learn more, speak with a Best Displays specialist today!