October 22, 2013

The need to consolidate costs and reap maximum benefit from their first trade show events are two of the primary reasons companies in Toronto are now utilizing pop-up displays en masse. But those that are new to the trade show industry often don’t know what type of pop-up display would best meet their firm’s unique branding demands. Within this blog, we’ll help streamline the purchase process by outlining two questions companies must ask when they procure pop-up displays.

1) What Material is the Display Made from?

The company manufacturing the displays must be able to detail the materials they’ve utilized. Solutions that comprise high-grade aluminum frames are considered the most robust in the marketplace. These types of products have been designed to provide growing firms with years of long-term, trustworthy usage and to meet a broad range of application demands. Whether companies are utilizing the display as part of a P.O.P. area or at a trade show, quality construction is imperative.

2) How Easy is it to Set-up/Dismantle?

The ability of at-event teams to set up/dismantle displays is a key factor in their ability to meet lead-generation objectives. Those displays that take too long for a small group of people to set up will take away, rather than add to a company’s trade show marketing campaign. Therefore companies must consider the practicality of their display system before investing.

Cost-effective and durable pop-up displays are now available to companies in Toronto. But asking the right questions is an important part of the procurement process.