December 13, 2013

The portability offered by pop-up displays means that they’re considered one of the best available products for small companies that are intent on visiting a series of trade show events. But simply selecting the most affordable product on the marketplace will not help companies find a product that suits their unique business demands moving forward. Within this blog, we’ll review two qualities that companies must achieve in their pop-up displays if they are to experience ongoing promotional success.

1) Expert Design

While some firms might have an in-house designer who has helped establish their brand logos and other graphics, designing for large displays is a different matter altogether. Companies must ensure that they work with specialists in designing their pop-up displays. Only the industry’s leading companies have the technology necessary to ensure that displays look their best one show after the other. Working with companies that offer both design services as well as displays can often help consolidate expenditure.

2) Rigid Construction

Only products that are built from products such as steel and aluminum, utilizing quality manufacturing processes, are suitable for long-term use in the marketing field. Firms often overspend on poor-quality products because they wait until the last minute to prepare for trade show events. By beginning the research process many months beforehand, companies can speak with industry professionals about products that will stand the test of time.

Pop-up displays are a great tool to capture attention within the trade show space. But only quality products designed by experts can ensure great value for organizations. Contact specialists in the area and research the marketplace before making that product choice.