May 2, 2013

It often takes months of planning and thousands of dollars for a small business to complete successful trade show event. But even after all that hard work and sacrifice, there is more to be done for those who wish to ensure long-term ROI from their trade show appearance. Long after they have packed their trade show booths and visitors have left the arena, business can use an array of means to effectively generate more revenue for their organization. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two key post-event marketing tips for the small business.

1)      Build a Social Media Presence

Oftentimes, companies with very few employees don’t have the time or resources to put towards developing their online marketing campaigns. But a social media presence is now a key growth tool for many leading businesses. Social media profiles are easy to set up and act as one of the best ways to build a core market of brand followers.

2)      Create an Industry Blog

One of the many reasons that guests go to experts in the field during trade shows is that they offer direct advice on their particular industry from their trade show booths. Trade show attendees can keep guests informed on the latest events in the field by writing a company blog that presents the organization as a knowledge leader within their field.

By capitalizing on the success of past events by building their post event marketing strategies, companies can achieve residual benefits in the long-term. Future event success depends on understanding what potential clients require from the company. This knowledge can be gleaned with a strong post event strategy.