Ma 13, 2013

Organizations across North America are now digging deep into their marketing resources to prepare for summer events. But as the marketing industry evolves, the more expensive techniques are generally not the best methods to employ when trying to ramp up the number of visitors to outdoor tents and other summer event architecture. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two low-cost online marketing methods that companies are now employing to put the focus on their brand at outdoor events.

1) Social Media Builds Brand Connection with the Audience

To gauge potential audience responses to a trade show event, companies should be utilizing social media tools. These services are free to use and enable organizations to achieve an ongoing conversation with their potential clients before an event begins. Through social media, companies can see the demographics of their potential audience. They can also get responses to particular promotional strategies. This can ensure ongoing success with event marketing planning as the organization plots future events throughout the summer.

2) Email Responses

Companies must be exceptionally responsive to inquiries before events begin. While this period of time is exceptionally busy for those with a limited number of staff, quality customer service is been more important than the time immediately before and after an event. Respond to inquiries with professionalism and never forget to promote a face-to-face Q&A at the event with those who contact the company.

Proactive event marketing online can turn potential leads into brand proselytizers. Focus efforts in the weeks before summer events on the target online audience and turn potential attendees into a large audience at outdoor tents on the big day.