January 24, 2013

Brand design is one of the key elements involved in the building of a noted organization. To drive consumer attention and gain a strong interest in their business, company leaders must utilize branding design to optimal effect. This is especially important for growing companies that must compete with more dominant industry organizations to ensure market growth in the long term. With that in mind, this blog will focus on two keys to using design elements effectively in trade show displays.

1)      Lighting Plays a Key Role

The design of trade show displays must take into consideration the lighting available at the event. Companies who have products to highlight at an event must utilize additional lighting elements such as spotlights or floodlights in order to ensure that full focus is paid to their displays. Speaking with local area trade show design experts is the ideal way to find lighting systems that match a company’s current show architecture.

2)      Use Graphical Content to Highlight Core Benefits

Graphics used at a trade show event should feature simple-to-read information that highlights the company’s product benefits. Many companies misuse their graphics on trade show displays to repeat a company tagline or display contact information, but the key is to drive interest in the company’s booth, and to do so, graphics must answer the customer’s core pain points. By delivering direct information in a concise way, companies can truly capitalize on their trade show graphic design.

Optimal design is based on understanding both customer behavior and the needs of the business’s clientele. By utilizing both concepts, companies can succeed with their branding design.