Within the trade show industry today, there are a number of options for companies looking for an alternative to purchasing a rental display. Renting trade show displays has become especially common in recent years, especially among start-up companies looking for an affordable promotional tool that will provide them with the flexibility to refresh their display look from one even to the next. Within this blog post, we’ll look at three reasons for renting trade show displays.

Cutting Promotional Costs


Renting a trade show exhibit is far more affordable than purchase the product outright. It will also provide organization decision-makers with an idea as to the ROI they receive when attending the event. By renting trade show displays, organizations can try out different display styles at various industry events and see which style gets the most attention for the organization.

No Responsibility for Storage or Transportation


Companies that rent their promotional architecture are not responsible for the storage or transport of their displays. This allows in-house teams to focus completely on ensuring that their promotional campaigns are targeted for success before the event begins. Rental companies will deliver the solution to the event and then pick up the display afterwards, for a quick, simple solution that provides the benefits of a high quality promotional tool alongside low maintenance convenience.

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