August 6, 2013

There’s a broad range of benefits that can be achieved through implementing pop-up displays as part of a full promotional campaign. But many firms don’t consider all the angles during the buying process. This means that they may only be able to secure lesser-quality products that don’t meet their unique campaign requirements. Within this blog, we’ll focus on the two key considerations companies must review when selecting pop-up displays:

1) Size and Weight of Product

The pop-up display chosen might look great but is it practical for those long walks between display areas and staging areas? Companies who are setting up their own pop-up displays and transporting them to and from the venue might want to consider the size and weight of the display product. Those that are too heavy will take longer to transport, which could minimize the opportunity for sales teams to communicate effectively with show audiences. And displays that are too big might not be able to integrate easily within a firm’s current display architecture.

2) Popularity of Style

The popularity of a certain style of pop-up display is certainly an important consideration to make. Oftentimes many firms have similar displays to one another, and this can detract from the unique value their brands bring to the industry. Businesses that use high-quality, unique displays are best positioned for long-term success in marketing campaigns.

Pop-up displays might be cost-effective and durable, but firms must take the two previously outlined areas into consideration before making that big equipment purchase!