The cost of attending trade shows and hosting trade show displays can often be quite expensive for growing organizations. Therefore in order to maximize the ROI achieved through having the organization’s representatives attend trade show events, it’s imperative to plan that attendance to the very last detail. Within this post, we’ll review two of the leading ways proactive companies can ensure trade show success.

1) Choose the Event Carefully

Within all industries there are numerous trade show events each year. These events are not all of equal value, and therefore it’s imperative that before making your decision as to which event your company will be attending, you research that event carefully and figure out what your objectives are from the event. For example, if your goal is to sell products directly to attendees from your trade show displays you may wish to choose an industry event at which your company will be one of the few selling a particular solution in order to maximize sales.

2) Advertise in Advance

With the advent of social media forms such as Twitter and Facebook, companies have an ideal avenue through which to promote their trade show attendance. Make sure that you let your core customer-base know that you’ll be attending an upcoming industry event by announcing the attendance across each of the company’s social networks.  To drive attendance, ensure that social media followers know that they will be receiving valuable information at the event.

Beginning your trade show on the front foot will allow your business to quickly build a committed customer base and gain an excellent return on its investment in leading class trade show architecture.