For Toronto companies hoping to make an impact on visitors to their trade show displays during their next big industry conference, display design must be prioritized.  Within this post, we’ll focus on two specific areas of trade show display design that can turn one-time visitors into long-term clients.

1) Integrate Key Colours from Company Products

Toronto companies hoping for success with their trade show displays must present a unified brand that features the same styles and colours across all advertising. Companies that use separate colours, font styles and other distinctive patterns in their different advertising campaigns risk confusing clients and losing overall brand appeal. Business owners may wish to consult directly with a qualified design specialist before attempting to create their campaigns. Getting the campaign going on the right foot and in the right direction with ensure a more seamless creative process.

2) Limit Complex Information on Displays

Many beginner exhibitors make the mistake of placing too much information on their display materials. Display visitors generally don’t want to have to read too much marketing material before they’ve been introduced to the product. Therefore, those that simply place the product name and tagline on display materials are best positioned to capture more leads. Try to add a mystery element to the display material with a question that will entice visitors to find out the answer from company reps.

Designing a trade show display can be a complex process. Make sure all decisions are made with the help of an industry professional and your organization can then capitalize on trade show attendance with great success.