For those organizations that are looking to consolidate the overall cost of their marketing expenditure as we head into a potentially tumultuous 2012, products such as roll up banner stands remain a great alternative to the more high end trade show advertising solutions. These cost-effective products can be utilized in a number of unique ways to ensure great results at trade show events, and within this post, we’re going to look at two uses for this style of product:

1)      Using Roll Up Banner Stands to Explain Products or Ideas

One of the great advantages gained from using banner stands is that these products are highly noticeable and can be used as an accessory to current methods of promotion. One of the leading ways companies now use banner stands is to display their product information and showcase the advantages of the products so that they immediately get the trade show audience’s attention. In order to make use of this tactic, it’s important to place banner stands in low-traffic areas where pedestrians can stop and read the information being presented.

2)      Outside the Event to Entice Interest

Another way in which many businesses are now utilizing roll up banner stands is outside the doors of the event location itself.  By placing one member of staff outside the venue with a roll up banner stand, companies can guide more customers to their trade show displays once inside the event arena.

By taking advantage of the many uses of roll up banner stands, organizations are capitalizing on this product’s innate flexibility to reduce their overall marketing expenditure. Find out more about roll up banner stands by contacting the team here at Best Displays today.