May 27, 2013

With the season for outdoor business events just beginning, many organizations are now planning their event architecture. This planning stage of the event process is crucial to the overall final result. And within this planning stage, decision-makers must harness the best available resources to ensure that their company’s summer marketing campaigns are successful in the long term. With this blog, we’ll focus on two factors to consider when renting or buying event tents.

1) Installation of Equipment and Tent Structure

One key unique element in selecting outdoor equipment as opposed to indoor business event architecture is installation accessories. Tent posts and other structural items must be reviewed and considered before purchasing event tents.  Items such as frames must be made from durable materials that can withstand strong winds and heavy rain. Choosing framing equipment constructed from steel is the best way to ensure that event tents are structurally safe for the company’s big outdoor events.

2) Long-Term Durability

Those that are purchasing equipment must select event tents from specialists with a reputation for manufacturing top-quality trade show products. One of the best ways to ensure equipment quality is to speak with previous customers of event specialists in the local area. Oftentimes those that have been using the company’s equipment over a period of years are in the best positions to speak to the quality of the company’s products and services.

The quality of the equipment a business selects for its summer industry events will define its perceived quality to new potential clients. Follow the previously outlined tips to ensure the solutions selected are of the highest value to your business during its summer marketing campaigns.