When organizations have large trade show events on the horizon, it can sometimes feel like a race against time in order to have all of the requisite architecture prepared and ready for a high value promotional campaign. But before making a hasty decision about the type of trade show displays to utilize for the event, it’s important to consider two key factors. In this blog, we’ll focus on two elements that play a role in deciding the ideal displays for industry events.

1) The Attendees

Is this a professional event with high-level executives in attendance? If it is, then it’s important that event architecture is chosen that reflects a professional, authoritative style. This means choosing display styles that are designed to make an impression but also inform industry leaders about the company. Whereas at a more casual event where guests are local area companies that are growing into the industry, the goal might be to make an impression with a more entertaining display that features games and prizes.

2) The Company Budget

While all organizations want to have the best trade show displays at the event, companies can consolidate their expenditure by picking a low cost style such as a pop up display, which will enhance their branding appeal without over-stretching the budget. It is important consider the potential returns that can be made from any industry event before splashing out on the latest architecture. Even high quality solutions shouldn’t have to take up the entirety of a company’s marketing budget. Clients of Best Displays & Graphics will be able to choose from a broad array of cutting-edge used displays as well as having the option of renting the latest models.

By preparing well in advance of the next trade show, company leaders can ensure a successful event. Follow the preceding advice to begin analyzing the industry options.


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