October 23, 2013

Trade show events represent the perfect opportunity both large and small organizations to make their brand name more widely known within the industry. To ensure the best possible response to a company’s attendance at such event, businesses must make use of event banners. When deciding which banners to utilize there are a number of points to consider – how much will the banners cost? Where will we place the banner and what design should we utilize? The size of the banner is a key factor in each of these points. And so within this blog post, we’ll review two factors for choosing the size of trade show banners.

1)      Venue Space

The venue space is one of the leading considerations to make when reviewing trade show banners.  Large venues require companies to consider larger options for their banner. That’s because many companies will be making use of the space themselves. It’s imperative for company reps to first speak with on-site event host to ensure that the space allows for their chosen size of banner.  Often, venues will have specific sizing restrictions.

2)      Portability

How does the company plan to transport the banner once the event has been completed? Will it be utilized at the next event? These are important considering for growing organizations. Companies must ensure their banners are made from durable material that can be easily transported from one venue to another if they are to meet in-house objectives in terms of ROI.

The trade show banner is an under-utilized tool available to today’s event marketers. Ensure the solutions your company chooses are sized to meet spatial and transportation needs and your organization may well have a key tool with which to expand its future marketing campaigns.