January 29, 2014

Pop-up displays remain a versatile marketing product that enables small businesses to capture the imagination of trade show attendees. But, to truly benefit from the various advantages that pop-up displays provide, companies must first plan their display architecture meticulously. Within this blog, we’ll look at two particular event preparation tips that can help ensure pop-up displays achieve lasting returns for the organization in terms of brand enhancement.

Contact Designers Early in the Process

While working in-house on their design concepts for displays, companies should also contact outside specialist pop-up display designers to begin the development process. By involving the designers in the process early on, companies can ensure that the expert design team understands the requirements for the work. This will also ensure that the final result more closely resembles the company’s vision in terms of aesthetics and professionalism.

Conduct Comprehensive Audience Testing

Companies must ensure that the designs they’ve chosen have been tested with particular audiences and specific demographics. Oftentimes, brands must target their products and services to a certain age group or type of company and so this type of market research will help enhance the overall results achieved through the design phase. By contacting specialist marketing companies in the region for ideas on strategy, companies can rest assured that their pop-up displays will help them meet campaign targets.

While the event day activities will play a large role in the company’s overall marketing campaign performance, firms can improve their chances of success with comprehensive planning. The earlier companies begin their planning before the event, the greater the potential for success.