Companies often pay thousands of dollars in order to have their representatives attend trade show events. With that amount of money going towards your trade show promotional campaign, it’s imperative that your trade show displays are supported by elements that will maximize the organization’s appeal to attendees. Within this blog post, we’ll examine two key elements that will help your company gain full value from attending industry trade shows.


Product Demonstrations


Nothing quite holds an audience’s attention like putting on a show. And that’s exactly why your representatives should be training to demonstrate your products to the audience at the trade show event. During this time, audience members will be able to interact directly with your promotional staff, asking questions and becoming more familiar with the company. The audience should also be allowed to use the product themselves during this product demonstration time. This will highlight to other attendees that your product is user-friendly and popular.

One key aspect to remember about product demonstrations is to keep them very short – no longer than a few minutes, as an audience will only wait for so long before moving on to the next company’s product.

Visit Incentives


For companies to be successful in attracting a lot of attention to their exhibit they must provide incentives for attendees to visit. These incentives can be as simple as free company promotional merchandise or something more valuable such as money-off vouchers for your organization’s products. The key is to gain the maximum amount of interest in the short period of time during the event, so always make sure your company representatives arrive with a high-value incentive offer.

Put the power of these promotional techniques behind your company, and watch interested customers swarm around your trade show displays.