January 14, 2014

Affordable and portable, the banner stand has become a crucial tool to small business owners across the Canadian trade show marketing space for many years. Toronto companies can now make effective use of banner stands to add a sense of flexibility to their marketing work. But in order to truly capitalize on the inherent advantages derived from using banner stands, Toronto firms must also take design best practices into consideration. Within this blog, we’ll look at two important design tips for those using banner stands.

1)      Use Large Fonts

The use of large fonts is critical for working with banner stands, because they must have great visibility in a trade show setting. Only those with large fonts will be visible across large crowds at trade show events. When speaking with design teams, companies must review how the fonts will appear directly on the banner stand. Correct sizing must be achieved before the product goes to print, otherwise the investment could be wasted!

2)      Use Only a Minimal Number of Words

Toronto companies that flood their banner stands with information during trade show events often risk reducing the impact of their displays. Attendees simply don’t have the time to read two paragraphs of text on display. Sharp, incisive language can help to drive home a company’s marketing points and ensure a great response!

A company’s trade show display design will tell event attendees everything they need to know about the organization. Companies must ensure that their designs are professional, concise and highly visible to achieve the brand exposure they require.