November 7, 2013

The build-up to a trade show event can be an exciting and busy time for any organization. There are many different elements to consider and it’s often easy to forget some of the most important processes along the way. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two common processes that many firms continually forget when they’re planning their trade show booth.

1) Training Representatives

Reps must be trained to understand what’s expected of them during a trade show event. Whether the company’s decision-makers are looking for lead generation or whether they’re looking for product marketing, they must ensure that their reps are trained to meet these objectives during the event. One difficulty that many under-prepared reps discover during events is that they’re unable to respond to specific inquiries from potential clientele. Companies should ensure that their reps are drilled on the types of questions they’ll receive during the event. That will help to streamline communication with future customers and ensure a strong ROI for the firm from their event costs.

2) Setting Up and Dismantling Displays

Setting up and dismantling displays can take a considerable amount of time, especially for those who have not been to many events in the past. Companies should ensure that their trade show booth is easy to put together and dismantle. This will give reps the maximum amount of time to meet each of their event objectives.

Success requires teamwork. Give teams the tools to meet set objectives and plan for each element of the event management process. It could make the difference between meeting campaign objectives and losing considerable marketing revenue in the long term.