Those with new businesses who are just entering the trade show field are more prone to making mistakes with their trade show displays than more seasoned veterans of the industry. If these mistakes are allowed to continue unabated, they can cause irreparable harm to the organization as a whole, and that’s why we’d like to share some of these mistakes with you today to help prevent you from damaging your company’s long-term industry prospects with these two trade show don’ts:

1)      Attendees are Not all of Equal Value – Don’t Treat Them the Same

There are many different type of tradeshow attendee. There are those that will walk by your trade show displays entirely. There are those that will stop for a brief moment or two to peruse the giveaways that your company is offering to them, and there are those that will linger around your display area and wait to speak with your company’s representatives. It’s imperative for those that attend industry events to know how to spot each type of customer.  Don’t waste precious event time on those that have no interest in your organization!

2)      Value is Important – But Not More Important than Substance

While sourcing items for your trade show displays such as the display materials and the giveaway products, it’s important that you speak directly with companies that are well-intentioned have experience in providing low cost trade show solutions. These products should only be sourced though from reputable vendors.  It’s all well and good saving a few hundred dollars on a display item, but if that item breaks during the event due to poor construction, your organization could lose thousands in future business prospects. Don’t allow budgetary concerns to rule over product quality.  There are companies such as Best Displays that cater to both ends of the spectrum.

By following the preceding tips, you can ensure that your company is ideally positioned to capitalize on its next trade show.  The key is to learn from each event.