Trade show architecture can often make the difference between event success and failure. But choosing the right displays for an organization can be a complex process where expert help is required. Many companies have tried to move forward alone in purchasing trade show displays, and within this blog post we’ll focus on two of the most common mistakes they’ve made within this process.

1) Choosing Poor Quality Materials

The market for trade show displays is exceptionally large. There are many different vendors offering unique solutions to clientele. One of the most costly mistakes businesses often make is in choosing display materials that are simply poorly constructed or not fit for showing at events. Business owners must ensure that they work directly with market specialists in deciding which type of material to use. Only then will they be assured to the best possible solution.

2) Not Taking Portability into Consideration

Growing companies must attend many different events across the country in order to build their industry reputation. When visiting different events, event architecture must be manufactured to handle the stresses and strains of moving from location to location. There are many unique portable solutions available on the market, such as banner stands and pop up displays. But few companies truly understand how to select the right displays for their campaign before speaking with a specialist.

Business owners require expert advice before engaging in a trade show marketing campaign. Speak with specialists in your local area to get your next trade show event off on the right foot.