There are many unique styles of trade show display architecture available within the industry. The style of display a company chooses often depends on its unique campaign requirements in the coming months. And with that in mind, in this post, we’ll focus specifically on the benefits offered by one of the more popular display styles – pop-up displays.

1) Durability

Despite the low cost, pop-up displays are one of the most durable display items available anywhere within the industry. That’s because they’re often held within single-wheeled cases that can be easily transported from event to event while protecting the display from damage. This high level of durability is essential for organizations that make an investment in next-generation displays because they are required to make a lasting positive impression from one event to the next. By ordering pop-up displays, companies can achieve a high-value promotional tool for years of campaign use.

2) Flexibility

Many display architecture products are standalone, which means they cannot be combined with any other items that might add value to a company’s trade show presence. Pop-up displays however are exceptionally flexible and can include fabric panels, curved walls, and numerous other items that make for highly responsive promotions. Companies that utilize these displays within their event architecture have a world of customization options at their fingertips.

Pop-up displays could be the ideal tradeshow solution to help your organization make that lasting impression at the next industry event. Review the options today to find a style that suits your business.