Before investing in a potentially costly business tool such as a trade show display, companies must conduct extensive research and speak with specialists within the local area about their best options. Oftentimes however, company leaders find themselves short on time before the event and end up purchasing displays that don’t align with the company’s requirements. With this blog, we’ll focus on two key mistakes that business must avoid when they purchase their trade show display.

1)      Choosing Products that are Difficult to Set Up

Many business owners have been convinced by retailers to purchase the newest and most complex display system. Oftentimes they will see a visual representation of the display system set up and audience members crowding around to speak with display hosts. However, the reality is that there is often little time to set up a trade show display before the event. Therefore any extra time taken can often eat into the business’ time communicating with potential clients.  This means that purchasing smaller, simpler systems is often the best first step for the uninitiated.

2)      Choosing Materials of Poor Quality Construction

Materials from less reputable architecture manufacturers might not be durable enough to last through one event, not considering the many events that modern companies must attend each year to build up their customer base. Business owners must be clear about what materials the trade show company uses in building their architecture before making the purchase. It may be best to speak with several different companies in the local area in order to gauge the comparative quality of each organization’s products.

All business leaders will make mistakes at one point or another in their marketing campaigns. But choosing tradeshow materials takes careful consideration and long-term planning. Consider the previous two common mistakes made by others before enacting a wrong-headed campaign.