Trade show display design is a complex art. It’s not enough to create a piece of architecture that looks attractive; it has to be able to entice action from the viewer. And that’s why many companies are now working directly with graphic design experts when creating their trade show architecture. To begin, companies often create their own designs which graphics specialists can optimize. In this post, we’ll look at the top mistakes made when creating a design for trade show banner stands.

1) Sending Mixed Messages

Those professionals who are familiar with presentations on PowerPoint and other such presentation tools will know the importance of keeping messages directed to audience members simple. Oftentimes, a simple sentence is enough to make an important point about an organization’s capabilities. Companies that spend too much time adding new content to their banner stands will find that many of the ideas get lost in translation.

2) Bright, Obtrusive Colours

Companies can ruin an otherwise high-value trade show banner stand design by utilizing bright colours that distract attendees. For any trade show event, it’s important that potential clients see the company in a professional and forward-thinking light. While it’s important not to choose drab colours for the trade show display, it’s also important that the colours chosen help the component promote a professional brand image. To prevent poor colour choices, have a design specialist review the company’s display colouring before sending it to the printers.

Effective trade show display design is the foundation of a successful event. By following the preceding tips, you can assure your company of great returns from investment in trade show attendance.