It’s the most wonderful time of the year and businesses across the country are considering ways in which to integrate holiday themes within their trade show displays. Our team at Best Displays & Graphics has decades of experience in this area of the marketplace. In this new post, we’re highlighting our tips for capturing the holiday spirit with your trade show display.

Blog 2 image 2Incorporate holiday decorations

One easy way to boost the holiday spirit with your visitors is to add holiday decorations to your display. For example, you might consider using twinkle lights or vases with holiday balls to set a festive tone for the event.

Host a toy drive

An important element of the holidays is the spirit of giving and sharing. Giving back to your community can showcase the value of your brand and help support your region. Why not host a toy drive at your business location and within your trade show display? This gives local clients the opportunity to help local children through your business, while shining a positive light on your corporate values.

Play holiday-themed music

Another option for presenting a cheerful environment to those visiting your trade show booth in the coming weeks is to play holiday-themed music at the booth. Playing the holiday classics can get everyone into the festive spirit.

Help staff spread festive cheer

As a business owner, you have great power in supporting your staff during the holiday season. You can help them beat this busy period by ensuring they take breaks when required and ensuring that there are enough people at your trade show booth to deal with the crowd. You can also help boost their mood by improving the environment within your business. For example, you might allow them to dress in holiday-themed clothing over the coming weeks to showcase the positivity within your business.

Our experienced team at Best Displays & Graphics has helped many brands across the country succeed with their holiday-themed events and displays. We work diligently to design trade show displays, as well as to build displays and provide clients with creative input for their marketing campaigns. To learn more about our company and our experience in the trade show display services field, call us today.