August 27, 2014

Companies across Toronto have been using banner stands for many years to achieve their marketing objectives. But few companies understand the best practices when it comes to effective banner stand design. And we know that banner stand design can make or break a promotional campaign. So, within this post, we’ll examine three design elements Toronto companies must consider for effective use of banner stands.

1. Ensure Your Organization Uses a Strong “Catchphrase”

Company catchphrases have been used for decades to entice interest within brands and their products. Growing firms across the region can now make effective use of their banner stand products by implementing a design that includes a quick and interesting catchphrase to draw attention.

2. Always Highlight Contact Information

Placing a call to action with company contact details on banner stands will ensure audiences understand how to reach the firm directly. It’s important to spend time honing call to actions to ensure best in class results for the company.

3. Answer Common Questions

The best trade show displays answer the questions of the audience before those questions arise. Beat the audience to the punch and ensure any potential questions are answered quickly and effectively using tangible data within banner stand designs.

Designing a banner stand requires the consideration of elements that will instantly connect with a trade show audience. Ask yourself what your trade show audience is looking for and you’ll quickly create a design that inspires and compels your core audience to action.