As a relatively new item within the trade show event marketplace, pop-up trade show displays are becoming an increasingly popular display item. There are several reasons behind the rise in demand for this new style of product and in this post, we’ll put the spotlight on the two leading reasons.


With any growing business, it’s important to reach as many people as possible with the company’s marketing campaigns. That’s why modern small organizations require display materials that can be easily transported from one location to another in support of their marketing requirements. ]

Popup displays represent the most portable trade show solutions available on the marketplace today and are primarily constructed from aluminum. This lightweight portability also means that businesses can consolidate the cost of event attendance by having one of their representatives transport the product themselves, without the need for a professional transportation company.

Design Flexibility

One of the leading requirements of modern organizations is the ability to cater to a wide array of customers. Popup displays offer trade show-attending organizations the ability to change the graphics within the display without having to purchase new display architecture. This means that organizations can consolidate the cost of owning pop-up displays and build a large suite of design solutions that directly match their marketing campaign objectives.

Seamlessly combining versatility and portability pop-up trade show displays are the ideal solution for companies that plan on making a big splash among their more established competition. Find out what options are available to your company by contacting our in-house display specialists today.