One of the more ubiquitous sights at trade shows around the globe is pop-up displays. This type of display can be utilized in a number of ways at the event. For example, as an additional selling mechanism at a point of purchase area or as an added area of your display to spotlight a certain product or service your business is offering. Here are the two lead reasons why many companies are now making pop-up displays one of their first trade show purchases:

1) Affordability

Growing companies must consolidate their trade show expenses to ensure a full ROI on their trade show attendance. One of the key ways to reduce expenditure is by locating low-cost architecture for the event. Pop-up displays are ideal in this regard because they are often one of the most affordable styles of the display to use. And these displays also lead the market in terms of value, because their inherent durability means that they can be utilized for cross-promotional purposes at many industry events over time.

2) Set Up is Quick and Simple

When creating a display area, representatives require products that can be quickly and easily assembled. The shorter the assembly time for their event architecture the quicker they can begin developing leads for the organizations. Pop-up displays are ideal in this regard because most simple versions can simply be unrolled and set up at the event in mere minutes.

Growing companies require solutions that help them compete with their larger, more popular counterparts in the industry. Utilizing pop-up displays in your company’s trade show display setup is the ideal foundation for industry success.