August 29, 2013

Canadian marketers work long hours in order to create concepts that will help their company to effectively brand themselves in front of trade show audiences across the country. Whether its creating a new logo for  trade show displays in a Canada venue or choosing a colour scheme that will match their existing branding, it’s imperative for concepts to be based on industry-wide best practices. So, within this blog, we’ll focus on two keys to appealing to the Canadian audience with effective trade show display designs.

1)      Ensure Strong Brand Name Visibility

It’s truly astounding to many marketing experts how companies often put their company name in the background of their promotional designs. Utilizing trade show displays in Canada can help companies improve their brand’s name recognition among audience members. And so that brand name must be highly visible in their displays. Companies should try to ensure that their brand name is separated slightly from the rest of the promotional content, in order to ensure resonance with the audience.

2)      Design Displays to Fit Marketing Objectives

Trade show display areas represent the best opportunity to engage new customers. So it’s imperative that these areas are actively designed to fulfill current marketing objectives. For example, if the company’s goal is to get more leads, they could create an open environment in which audience members feel comfortable walking around.

The way in which a company designs its trade show displays can have a direct impact on its overall marketing campaign success. Ensure displays are optimally designed to improve ROI on trade show events.