November 23rd – There’s a lot that makes us different here at Best Displays & Graphics (BD&G), but one of the biggest is that we’re far more than just a display supply retailer.  We’re a turnkey operation, able to handle just about every logistical aspect of your trade show appearance.


A lot of companies might wonder, “Why hire someone to handle our trade show logistics?”  But much of the time, this won’t just result in a smoother experience for you – it could easily save money in the long run.


How Hiring BD&G for Install and Dismantle Creates a Better Trade Show Experience


  1. Ensure perfect setup.


No one wants to start a trade show with their booth incomplete or discovering that they made a mistake during setup.  This is all too common, particularly if the people setting up the booth are the same ones who’ll be staffing it throughout the course of the show.  With BD&G handling your setup, it’ll be perfect and waiting for you opening morning.


  1. Stay within your exhibitor’s contract.


As we’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest (and sadly, most common) mistakes an exhibitor can make is breaking their contract.  From hiring the wrong labor for elements like wiring, to over-drawing power supplies, there is a lot that’s dictated in the exhibition contract and\or manual.  We’re accustomed to working within these constraints, and will ensure everything about your booth is up-to-code for the venue.


  1. Expert troubleshooter’s on-hand.


The more items, technology, and ‘moving parts’ a trade show display has, the higher the chances of something going wrong in the middle of a show.  We’ll be there to troubleshoot any issue that comes up, and can usually resolve it very quickly – while you still get to focus on your visitors.


  1. Leverage better prices on hired logistics.


We do a lot of work on trade shows across Canada and the US, so we have existing contracts and relationships with various support companies.  By hiring us, you get access to that price leverage!  Very often, we can offer you better rates on things like shipping or electrical work than you would be able to find shopping around by yourself.  Not to mention, that bundling them all through one provider – us – will bring price benefits as well, compared to hiring a half-dozen separate companies to handle individual elements.


  1. Computerized item tracking.


We don’t take chances when it comes to the shipment and storage of your trade show display pieces.  We have fully modernized barcode-based tracking of each and every piece of hardware, matched against computerized checklists.  When we’re handling logistics, the chances of a piece of equipment being forgotten or left behind are extremely low.


  1. Safe and effective dismantling. 


It’s been a long, grueling, three-day weekend trade show.  Do you want to spend yet more hours tearing down your booth?  Almost certainly not!  When the booth staff is in a hurry to go home and gets sloppy in handling their equipment, it’s much more likely for hardware to get damaged.  But with BD&G handling the teardown, you can rest assured every piece of hardware will be treated just as carefully as it was during installation.


  1. Storage options based on your needs.


What’s going to happen to your equipment after the show?  If you want us to ship it all back to your office, that’s fine.  If your equipment is going to be used for more trade shows in the weeks or months to come, we can offer extremely competitive long-term storage that saves you from storing booth elements in your office while waiting for your next show.


In Short: Partnering With BD&G Saves You Time, Money, and Stress


Your focus at a trade show should be on meeting your goals and impressing your visitors, not dealing with hardware and other logistical concerns.  We can take those burdens off your shoulders in a cost-effective manner, freeing up you and your staff to put 100% of your effort into creating a successful event appearance!


To learn more about our turnkey trade show logistical services, just contact us today for more information!