September 7, 2017 – Investing in quality banner stands can help Toronto companies improve upon their marketing returns and meet their objectives over the coming years. But it’s important for company leaders to carefully review the purchase process before buying their banner stands. Otherwise, the firm could find they’ve wasted their investment and require a new display product. In this latest post, we’ll explore more on the questions to consider when buying banner stands.

How Much can we Invest?

One of the reasons many leading companies in Toronto are now buying banner stands is that the products are affordable on smaller budgets. But it’s important to carefully consider the size of the budget before making a decision. Make sure to speak with several companies and review the market carefully to learn more on the pricing models.

Should we Buy or Rent?

For companies searching for that banner stand that will provide long-term value, there are many options available to buy. But rental markets might also provide value for some companies. This is a particularly important consideration if the firm only needs the banner stand for one or two upcoming events. Make sure to review the rental marketplace carefully, as affordable options are widely available.

What Design Options Do We Require?

The design requirements for the banner stands should be a top consideration. Is the banner stand going to be placed directly beside the display at the event? Or will the stand be separate from the display, and promoting a unique element of the company’s marketing campaign? Consider all objectives within the design process, and make sure the company selected has the requisite design expertise to respond to unique marketing challenges.

Our experts here at Best Displays & Graphics are committed to helping business owners locate quality, custom-designed banner stands for their campaigns. To learn more on the options available, call us today!