September 3, 2014

Trade show designers must have the skill to translate complex concepts into engaging promotional elements. When a trade show booth host chooses the wrong company for their design requirements, they are left with a display lacking in appeal and therefore a wasted investment. This highlights the importance of selecting a designer who knows how to craft custom design renderings. And so in this blog, we’ll highlight how to select a specialist designer for that truly memorable display.

1. Choose a Company with a Strong Portfolio

Designers must continually update their portfolios to showcase their greatest work. And so the leading companies offering custom design renderings will be able to present an unparalleled catalogue featuring truly unique and captivating designs. It’s also important to review the brands that the company has worked with in the past. The designer that’s worked with internationally acclaimed companies is likely to offer more than the local expert.

2. Choose a Company that Delivers on Budget and on Time

While restricting the cost of design work is important to balance the budget of trade show marketing campaigns, it’s also important to ensure the design arrives on time. To ensure the best end result for the firm, find a company that will offer a guarantee on both the cost of the display as well as the time it will take to deliver the final design, when choosing a specialist for custom trade show design renderings.

Quality design concepts require a commitment from market experts. By carefully choosing designers for your firm’s next event, you can ensure that lasting impact that drives clients to the firm for years to come.